Welfare Reform in the United States Essay by Champ

Welfare Reform in the United States
This paper discusses the positive effects of welfare reform in the United States.
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In this article, the writer notes that welfare reform was a turning point in American history. The writer points out that millions of Americans who were relying on an unending supply of government money to live on were suddenly faced with the reality that the welfare clock was ticking. Mothers who had simply relied on having children as a means of support had to now go out and actively look for a job, participate in job training, and in some instances, do both. The writer maintains that when one considers the positive statistics of a reduced percentage of people living in poverty and reduced numbers on the welfare rolls, apparently welfare reform was just the motivation many needed to take that step forward and become productive members of society. The writer concludes that even those who still must rely on other government programs to make ends meet have still evolved from relying solely on taxpayer money as their only means of subsistence.

From the Paper:

"The stated goals of reducing poverty levels in the United States have come to fruition, over the last decade. From 1968 to 1994, the poverty rate among African Americans was a fairly consistent rate, averaging 32.4 percent. By 2000, this rate had fallen to 22.5 percent. Child poverty too has seen big drops. The number of children in poverty has fallen 12 percent for non-Hispanics, since 1989, and 14 percent for African Americans. Although some critics claim that these positive steps towards reducing poverty have more to do with economic growth and prosperity in the country, it is not the entire explanation. Even following the recession in 2001, many poverty rates remained well below previous levels. In 2004, the poverty rate for African Americans was 24.7 percent."

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