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Water Pollution
This paper examines briefly the phenomenon of water pollution by both foreign matter and heat.
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The paper lists the many sources of pollutants that can effect water, from chemicals to sediment from surrounding soil deposits. The writer then looks at the ways in which people are responsible for such pollutants. The paper concludes with a study of how scientists and government lobbyists are attempting to ameliorate the problem.

From the Paper:

"Heat may also be considered a pollutant when increased temperatures in bodies of water result from the discharge of cooling water by factories and power plants. Although heat seems as if it would be relatively innocuous - since heat will of course be dissipated from any body of water that it enters relatively quickly, and then further dissipated from the local atmosphere into the larger air basin. However, it must be remembered that raising the temperature of water depletes the oxygen available in it (heated oxygen molecules become excited and "gas out" of the liquid) and water that has a low-oxygen content is as deadly to aquatic creatures as a garage full of carbon monoxide is to a human. Aquatic animals suffering from the effects of thermal pollution may die, and their decomposing bodies will add to the pollutant levels of the body of water."

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