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US History
A review of the various occurrences in US history that tend to repeat themselves.
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The paper notes that there is some truth in the assertion that history tends to work in cycles. The paper looks at the history of the United States, and comments on peculiar parallels in economic and political spheres among particular decades, as well as wider parallels in the spheres of culture and international relations. The paper focuses on the similarities during four key periods in the history of the United States.
The paper confirms that history does, indeed, work in cycles.

From the Paper:

"He was also a conservative Republican. He supported anti-Communist movements around the world, and eventually put an end to the Cold War. His "hands off" approach to government allowed corporations unprecedented growth during his presidency. All of the presidents during each of the periods outlined above were extremely popular with the general public. Among the main political differences, Grover Cleveland was a Democrat, whereas all the other presidents in the periods under scrutiny were Republicans."

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