Traditional Chinese Medicine Essay by Mark

Traditional Chinese Medicine
Examines alternative and herbal medicines in Chinese culture.
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Traditional Chinese medicine is considered alternative medicine in the west, but in China it is an important part of health care, available in 75% of the country and regulated under the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This paper discusses the how the Chinese use herbal and alternative medicines to heal.

Paper Outline:

A. History
1. Yellow Emperor
2. Han Dynasty
3. Tang Dynasty
B. Theory
1. Qi
2. Meridians
3. Yin and Yang
II. Treatments
A. Acupuncture
1. Types of Needles
2. Types of Acupuncture
B. Cupping Therapy
1. History
2. Benefits
3. Types of Cups
C. Qi Gong
1. Benefits
2. Exercises
D. Herbal Remedies
1. Combining Herbs and their Levels
2. Uses and Side Effects of Herbs

From the Paper:

"Acupuncture is a way of restoring the balance of yin and yang to treat many things such as back pain, headaches, arthritis, allergies and muscle spasms. It is conducted by inserting five needles onto the surface of the body, producing a sensation (not pain) called deqi. In acupuncture there are nine types of needles, six of which are commonly used, that very in length, width and shape. Depending on the ailment there is different techniques of using the needles: raising and thrusting, twirling, and scraping."

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