Theories about "Atlantis" Essay by aldenL

Theories about "Atlantis"
This paper discusses various theories surrounding the myth of Atlantis written by the Greek scholar Plato in 400 B.C., even today captivating the minds of archaeologists and philosophers.
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This paper explains that the most "extreme" theories say that either Atlantis was no more than a figment of Plato's vast imagination or that the "lost city" was real in every respect. The author points out that the lost city has been rumored to have existed in the Caribbean Sea, in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean, in the Aegean Sea and even in the Arctic Ocean. The paper supports another theory, which seems more than likely, states that Plato's epic story was little more than an exaggeration of an historic event: the sinking of Thera, a small island in the Aegean Sea, after a series of massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

From the Paper:

"Thera is again likened to Atlantis through its technological level, which was supposedly much more advanced than other civilizations of the era. According to Plato's Critias (which was actually named after his grandfather), Atlantis was "set apart from other [civilizations] with their countless new contrivances and concepts." This technological power made Atlantis a ruling class, and closely resembles the Minoan culture. The Minoans were a supposedly advanced people who were some of the first to make many uses of the wheel and keystone concepts."

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