The Writings of Benjamin Franklin Essay by Paramount

The Writings of Benjamin Franklin
This paper is an examination of the many different contributions that Benjamin Franklin made to American society.
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This paper discusses how Benjamin Franklin's many different writings came to influence the nature of American society, not only in colonial times, but today as well. According to this author, Franklin used his writing skills to argue for social change, to express his opinions and to make education available to all members of society. Some of his most important contributions provided the frameworks for many of the today's government agencies. These include the first police and fire departments, the printing of money, road improvements and the building of hospitals that would provide medical care for everyone, not just the elite. Franklin also wrote "Poor Richard's Almanac" which contains many maxims that continue to inspire people today. Franklin was also responsible for the introduction of the public education system into America and his writings at the time, served as the blueprint for a curriculum that continues to be used today. According to this author Franklin's many writings about the importance of equality among all members of society continue to be relevant even in today's modern world.

From the Paper:

"Poor Richard's Almanac then had three effects on society. Firstly, Franklin's maxims were accepted as guidance, inspiring people to live better lives. Secondly, Franklin closed the gap between the educated and the uneducated. The uneducated reading the almanac were given a thirst for knowledge, a thirst they could pursue. This empowered individuals to take it upon themselves to determine their own lives. No doubt, Franklin inspired many to live good and just lives, and inspired some to make their own contributions to society. Finally, Franklin's maxims survived from the time they were first printed to the present day. How many people these maxims have impacted on during the course of these years is impossible to estimate, but no doubt many have, and continue to have, their lives changed by accepting the wise words of Franklin."

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