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The World Wars
An overview of the effects of World War I, the defeat of Germany in World War II and the peace settlement after WWII.
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The paper discusses how World War I changed the thinking about war from a romanticized quest into a reality of horror, shock and injury. The paper then looks at Germany's initial success in World War II and outlines the factors that led to her ultimate defeat. Next, the paper looks at the attempts to create a peace settlement after WWII that only culminated in further conflict, particularly as involving the United States, Germany and the USSR. The paper concludes that these wars will forever remind us how cruelty can override all other human emotions and contends that world leaders need to make greater efforts to preserve the peace.

World War I
WWII: Germany's Success and Defeat
WWII Peace Settlement

From the Paper:

"Most obviously, World War I differed from other wars in its worldwide scale. Never before had a war been fought on such a large scale, nor had it ever been as brutal to soldier, citizen, and innocent alike. Bernd Huppauf describes the horror so this war in very specific terms when he mentions the return of mutilated soldiers from a war fought with a new category of weapon.
"The modernization of weapons also meant a new category of mutilation: limbs were much more easily torn off than were the case before. The sort of survivors was much worse than for previous wars. The wounds were not however only physical. Many soldiers suffered from psychological shock and other mental problems as a result of their war experiences. Spending hours in dugouts for example resulted in a lack of control over extremities, according to the author."

Sample of Sources Used:

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