The Two World Wars Essay by RightRiters

The Two World Wars
An analysis of the post war effects of WWI and WWII.
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This paper discusses the post war effects of World War I and II, illustrating the political as well as social aspects. The paper also details how the international influence of nations as the leading world powers, shifted in consequence to the wars. The paper examines how the wars changed the scenario of political domination, military control, colonialism, media influence and social customs forever.

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"During World War I, the population in most of the countries dropped severely where families separated apart as a result of deaths and the partitions of states into various countries. However, the other changes that were brought were when cities grew with more women and peasants began to work. The specific social classes started to fell apart where many societies became more democratic 3. On the other hand, the European had the belief that their culture should be spread throughout the world was questioned, since the bloodshed and devastation of the war appear to humiliate the dominance and lead of the European civilization 4. As a consequence to World War I, a lot of black Afro Americans migrated to Chicago, U.S. The event has been described in the book "Land of Hope" by James R. Grossman. The author narrates the story during World War I when almost half a million of black Americans deserted their homes in the South and flew into northern industrial centers. According to the author, one million more had followed the same in the 1920s. Placing the "Great Migration" of 1920s within the background of World War I, Grossman described how the resident white population responded to the mass migration and color bars grew."

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