The Spanish-American war Essay by Peerless

The Spanish-American war
A study of American involvement in Cuba's "Ten Years War".
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This paper discusses the Cuban "Ten Years War", which began in 1868, and argues against America's interference in this war. It begins by outlining the background to the war and the course of its first three years. It then shifts its focus to the involvement of the U.S.A. in the conflict, starting with the initial American on U.S. shores, and then moving on to trace the U.S.A.'s decline into full-scale war in Cuba. It brings up the Paris Peace Treaty of 1899, focusing on its implications for Cuba, and links the later communist revolution to U.S. involvement in the war of independence. It concludes by reinforcing the argument that America's involvement in this war was not beneficial to any of the countries concerned.

From the Paper:

"In 1883, Frederick Jackson Turner gave a speech to the World's Columbian Exposition, introducing what is now known as the "Turner thesis" of American history. This thesis says "continental expansion...was the driving, dynamic factor of American progress. Without [it] America's political and social institutions would stagnate. If one adhered to this way of thinking, America must expand or die." (Musicant) It was an odd moment to being saying such things, and a prophetic one, for America has, perhaps unbeknownst to him, just run out of frontier to conquer. Further expansion had to be overseas. Of course, "overseas" was already conquered, had its own government, and its own citizens. Thus a war of conquest rose on the horizon for America. The perfect opportunity to conquer arose during what was politely called the Spanish-American war, in which America stepped in to help out a struggling band of revolutionaries and ended up killing most of them and taking their lands for itself."

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