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The Second World War
A enlightening perspective of the Second World War.
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Published on Jul 04, 2006 in History (U.S. World Wars) , History (European - World Wars)

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In this paper the author takes a different perspective of the Second World War, citing it as not a single armed clash. He looks at the Second World War as a collection of three different conflicts, the Japanese-League war in Southeast Asia and China, the German war in Eastern Europe, and the German-League war in western and central Europe that happened to overlap in time and causes. The author discusses in the paper that despite the different causes, theatres, and strategies of the three conflicts, their simultaneity and their direct challenge to the custom of the global community leads historians and other spectators to classify them as a single worldwide war. He looks at all of the effects of the Second World War on the different participants in terms of political, economic and social issues. In conclusion, the author addresses how in destroying the old world order, the Second World War demanded the formation of a new world order, one shaped by the triumphant, defeated, and neutral powers.

Table of Contents:
Home Front
Social Solutions
Political Maneuvering
Military Strategies and Operations

From the Paper:

"Many pieces of reorganization legislation were rolled back in wartime. A longer working day was reestablished to boost industrial productivity. The federal government made anti-trust legislation a very low precedence. In order to struggle the labor shortage, child labor laws and women's labor regulations were overlooked. With very little public protest, the number of high school dropouts increased notably. During the war, the teenage workforce grew from 1 million to 3 million; about 1 million of these novel workers had dropped out of high school. Traditional politicians had fought against these agencies when they were established, but now that FDR was focusing on winning a war as a substitute of reforming society, they could slash funding for the CCC, WPA, and National Youth Administration (NYA). These programs had always been intended to help those who would be hired last even in favorable economic conditions, so their cease was especially ####### blacks, women, and the elderly."

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