The Search for Historical Atlantis Essay by Abigail

The Search for Historical Atlantis
A discussion of the historical basis in the Atlantis myth and in what ways it has been researched.
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This paper examines the archaeological search for the historical Atlantis, the theories that have been suggested over the years and the techniques which have been used to investigate them. It looks at how the myth has been captured by many authors over the years such as Ignatius Donnelly. It also considers whether K.T. Frost's hypothesis attempting to prove that the lost city of Atlantis was in fact in the Aegean is the solution to the problem of its location.

From the Paper:

"However, if we are equating the destruction of Minoan Crete to that of Atlantis, we run into problems. The most obvious of these is that Atlantis was supposed to have sunk under the sea after experiencing "earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence" . While Crete probably did experience earthquakes as a result of Santorini, it is quite plainly still there, not sunk under the waves at all. Supporters of the Crete/Thera theory have two arguments to this. The first is that the eruption of Santorini could have caused a tsunami that would have hit Crete. This would certainly be a watery end for the Minoans, but even stretching the imagination one cannot say that it 'sank' the island."

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