The Rom of Romania Essay by Feret

The Rom of Romania
An overview of the culture and language of the gypsies of Romania also know as Rom.
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This paper focuses on the subsistence patterns, political organization, kinship, marriage customs, gender roles, religious beliefs, art and language of the Rom in Romania. The terms "Rom" and "gypsy" are used interchangeably throughout the paper.
Kinship and Descent

From the Paper:

"The language used by the Gypsies is called Romany. It has been used by Gypsiologists to trace their migration from India into the rest of the world (Goodwin, 78). About half of the words in the language are derived from languages used in India (Moreau, 18). Some of the words that came to Romany from Hindi are the words for numbers and for "lady" and "gentleman" (Clebert, 192, McDowell, 24). Romany also contains words from Greek, Persian, Armenian, and several other languages (Clebert, 192-93). There are three different alphabets for Romany: the children's alphabet, the men's alphabet, and the elders' alphabet. The children's and elders' alphabets are written from left to right while the men's alphabet is written from bottom to top. It has five genders, and a vowel is written before each word to tell which "category" it is in, such as "place," "liquid," "being," etc. (Clebert, 196-97). "

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