The Role of Women in Ancient Mali Essay

The Role of Women in Ancient Mali
A look at the role and influence of women in ancient Mali as seen through the folk tale called "Sundiata".
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This essay examines the role of women in Ancient Mali society through the legend of ?Sundiata.? It also briefly examines the role of legends as an appropriate source for a historian. The author portrays the use of an oral folk tale as a social source.

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"In any society with a fairly low literacy rate, oral tradition becomes the most important way to pass down the history of that society, and it generally plays an important part in the education of the members of that society. This can be seen in virtually any ancient culture: Homer's Iliad, the legends revolving around King Arthur, even large parts of the Judea-Christian Torah and Bible are all meant not only to entertain, but to impart tradition, moral lessons, and history to younger generations, who, in turn, will pass it down to their children and grandchildren. Sundiata, an African tale about the great king of that same name in the ancient empire of Mali, is another epic story in this tradition of mythical historical tales."

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