The Role of Female Characters in Video Games Essay by elbeasel

The Role of Female Characters in Video Games
A discussion on the depiction of female characters in video games.
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"Technology has integrated itself into nearly every aspect of 21st century households. One of the most rapidly evolving sides of technology is video games and the consoles they are paired with. Video games have become something of a common item- almost everybody has played some type of video game or has seen a video game. There are studies about the pros and cons to video games, but that debate is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. One issue that has been in the spot light since the birth of video games is the expression of gender within the game. A male character is expected to conform to a certain gender role while female characters share another set of attributes. More specifically, video games have created a "perfect image" for women to follow. That image includes certain physical attributes and a obedient attitude combined with a skimpy outfit. The issue with the female image created by the characters in video games is that it can make women feel uncomfortable.
"Each year, new improvements in technology are integrated into games and consoles. The original console controller consisted of a stick and one to two buttons. Modern controllers have two thumb sticks, a directional pad, and ten buttons. Improvements to the console have ranged from faster frames per second to higher definition in the graphics. The video game itself has transformed from a box shaped cartridge to a smaller compact disk. The improvements in technology have opened new doors for game designers, allowing for the creation of larger in- game worlds and more highly detailed characters. Despite the advancements and new technologies that have made games more exciting that ever before, female characters have failed to evolve, relegated to the same lowly roles and disproportionate bodies they have always displayed."

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