The Relationship between the United States and Japan Essay by JPWrite

The Relationship between the United States and Japan
A brief history of economic and political relations between Japan in the United States since the end of WWII.
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This paper begins by examining the broad issue of trade that affects the United States and Japan today. The paper then takes a look at the cultural and historical factors that have led to Japanese dominance in business. Finally, the paper considers how the Japanese gains in automobile market share have affected the United States and the world economy, as well as the problems and the opportunities facing business in an international setting given these circumstances.

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"The United States and Japan have an interesting relationship. It was not so long ago that Japan was the sworn enemy of the United States, intent on the downfall of the United States. It was Japan that destroyed Pearl Harbor, dragging the United States into World War II. The fighting in Europe was intense, but fighting in the Pacific was more arduous, filled with more danger, against an enemy whose cruelty seemed to know no bounds. Stories of the war that fill high school history textbooks include the Japanese basically going on suicide, or Kamikaze missions to destroy U.S. naval power. The books tell a story of soldiers who buried POW's in the sand up to their necks, propped the POW's mouths open with sticks, and allowed local ants and other insects to feed on the soft tissue of the POW's mouths and throats. In response to this threat, the United States dropped nuclear weapons on two of Japan's cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was after the Japanese surrender that the relationship between the two countries became really interesting."

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