The Relational Approach in Psychology Essay by chief

The Relational Approach in Psychology
This paper discusses the theory of the relational approach in psychology with emphasis on gender applications.
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The paper states that relational approach is extremely parsimonious because it takes three basic concepts and uses them to explain and predict behavior. The author believes that, in comparison with Freud's psychoanalytic theory, the relational approach can be seen as more appropriate merely because it is falsifiable with a minimum of constructs. This paper explains that the relational approach differs from other theories in that it examines gender differences without discounting or trivializing them.

From the Paper:

"The final theme discusses how traits once thought to be deficiencies act as strengths leading to growth and development. Labels, such as hysterical, over emotional, neurotic or infantile are biased against women and should be discarded in favor of more positive labels, which better describe a woman's nature. Labels unfortunately have been and always will be a large part of the vernacular, both in the sciences and in every day life. The important task is to attempt to reduce bias whenever possible. In applying the relational approach to men, labels are also employed as derogatory terms."

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