The Reconstruction Essay by kaleighleigh

The Reconstruction
An overview of the reconstruction of the US after the Civil War.
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Published on Jul 31, 2009 in History (U.S. Presidency) , History (U.S. Civil War 1860-1865)

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The paper discusses the Reconstructionist policy of President Lincoln that was opposed by the radical Republicans. The paper also looks at the presidency of Andrew Johnson and Ulysses S Grant and their beliefs about the reconstruction. The paper relates that, although freed blacks were given the right to vote, secret societies were formed in the South to do whatever possible to discourage their new freedom, the most infamous being the Klu Klux Klan. The election of 1876 is also examined and it is noted that this election was the most disputed and intense election in American history. The paper concludes by relating that even after the war ended and blacks were freed and given rights, the idea that whites are superior to all other races never truly died.

From the Paper:

"The terms of the Reconstruction Acts required that new state constitutions be written in the South. Any state that wished to be readmitted had to accept the Union's Constitution including the newly added amendments which gave rights to the former slaves. By August of 1968 six states ratified the fourteenth amendment, as required, and were readmitted to the Union. ("Reconstruction")
"When the election of 1866 gave congressional power to the Radical Republicans, they finally had enough votes to overcome Johnson's vetoes and even to impeach him. Although he was acquitted by one vote, he was left powerless in regards to the Reconstruction. He did however continue opposing congressional policy and when he insisted on the removal of the radical Secretary of War, Edwin M. Stanton, in defiance of the Tenure of Office Act, the House finally impeached him. ("Reconstruction""

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