The Policy of Appeasement Essay by Theslider

The Policy of Appeasement
An analysis of the policy of appeasement that both Britain and France took towards Nazi Germany until the start of the Second World War.
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The policy of appeasement, which both Britain and France took toward Nazi Germany and it?s expansionist aims during the late 1930s, is one of the most controversial and criticised foreign policies in history. The paper shows that appeasement policy has been given short shrift by historians and the public alike since the 1930s, with the general consensus being that if Britain and France would have taken a harder line against the Nazi?s then Hitler?s aggressive policy could have been checked. However, the view of appeasement has not been totally one sided. Many revisionist historians have arrived at the view that appeasement was necessary for both Britain and France as a way of buying time for rearmament so that they would militarily be able to oppose Nazi Germany. This essay looks closely at this viewpoint to correctly assess whether that was one of the chief aims of appeasement.

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"Similarly the reoccupation of the Rhineland by Germany military forces in March of 1936 can be seen as the beginning of French appeasement towards the Nazis. When the Germans entered the demilitarised zone on the 7 March there was no response from the French military, even though they would have been quite within their right, under the terms of the Versailles Treaty to enter Germany and expel the troops back to the position stated in the Versailles Treaty. The French did not act because they were militarily too weak, indeed at this time they had a larger standing army than Germany, the main reasons were due to public opinion and incorrect information on the invading force. The incoming Germans numbered approximately 60,000, yet the Army General Staff reported to the French government that in addition to that figure there were further 235,000 paramilitaries."

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