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The Persian Wars
This paper analyzes the events that led up to the conflicts between Persia and Greece, in which the Greek military against all odds defeated the Persians.
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Published on Aug 23, 2006 in History (Greek and Roman) , History (Leaders)

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This well-researched paper examines the first Persian war against the Greeks which occurred in the summer of 490 B.C., when the Persian king Darius invaded Greece. This paper explores the manner in which the Greek forces led by Miltiades obtained a solid victory over Persia's military, despite being severely outnumbered. This paper, rife with historical facts pertaining to this particular topic, also discusses the events that ensued 10 years later in 480 B.C. when King Darius' son Xerxes vowed to avenge his father's previous loss by once again declaring war on Greece. This paper delves into the military capabilities of both countries while detailing how the Greeks succeeded against all odds in once again defeating an army that was far more superior in numbers.

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"The Greek Navy, whose core was made up of the Athenian fleet, although less numerous, was made up of newer and superior ships, the triremes, which were manned by experienced crews, trained in naval warfare. By comparison, the Persians were poor seamen, and only the Greek cities under Persian control had supplied ships that were crewed by experienced sailor. But these were also inferior to Athenian ships. There should be noted here the crucial role that Themistocles had in convincing the Ecclesia (the gathering of the Athenian People) to build these ships in time, before the breaking out of the war. But the greatest merit of the Greeks was that, although not united all under a flag, they were able nevertheless to present a relatively united front to the invading armies. Historically, the Greek cities evolved as independent political entities."

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