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The Peloponnesian War
An overview of the Peloponnesian War, the battles fought, the victories won and the turning point of the war.
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This paper takes a look at one of the greatest wars fought in the history of Greece, the Peloponnesian War. The paper explains that while both the opposing sides, the Athenians and the Spartans, controlled a great deal of land and sea power there were actually rather few direct confrontations and this lack of direct confrontations made the battle of Amphipolis all the more important as well as a turning point in the war. The paper explains the significance of this battle by looking at how the war had progressed up to the point of the battle of Amphipolis, by examining the military strength of the warring Athenian and Spartan factions and by explaining the history of the Amphipolis war and the circumstances that made it so devastating.

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"The first major explanation for the battle of Amphilpolis's importance as a turning point is the loss of military leaders during its battle. When Cleon, the commanding general of the Athenian land forces marshaled a massive army outside of Amphilpolis to reclaim the city, Brasida also amassed a large army of almost 2000 hoplites and 300 cavalry inside the walls of Amphipolis. When the battle appeared imminent however, Brasida confused Cleon by withdrawing from battle and refusing to fight on the fields outside of Amphipolis. Thinking that the army of Sparta would not come out to fight, Cleon began to withdraw his troops, only then did Brasida storm out of the walls and attack the hapless soldiers of Cleon. In this attack Cleon was killed by one of the commanders of the Spartan forces and in its escape more than 700 Athenians were killed by the onslaught. This resounding defeat was devastating in its numerical loss because the main force of the Athenian army was devastated, but even worse; the most competent general of the Athenian military staff was also killed."

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