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The Marxist Philosophy
This well-researched paper explores the birth of the Marxist movement and its effect on eastern European countries both before and after the fall of the Soviet Union.
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This in-depth paper examines the introduction of the Marxist movement which began in the 19th century with the historic publication of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' "Communist Manifesto." This paper details the negative aspects of a capitalist society and the advantages of socialism, including the positive effects on education, literacy and national healthcare. This paper focuses on the eastern European countries, including Lithuania, Croatia and Russia, that adopted both Communist and Marxist approaches to society and government.
Table Of Contents:
National Minority System
Health and Welfare
Constitutional Government

From the Paper:

"The ideas of both class struggle and classless community were already familiar in Marx's time. The notion that economic interests in society necessarily are in conflict has been traced as far back as Thucydides, while the first decades of the 19th century were rife with sundry socialist critiques of the existing economic order and attempts to found utopian, classless communities. Marx coupled these two ideas in a novel way. The problem of every utopian writer is not to describe what his utopia looks like but to suggest how one achieves it. In his theory of history, Marx adopted the idea of the class struggle as the driving mechanism in the sequence of events that would culminate in the classless society."

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