The Labor Policies of the Former Soviet Union Essay by serendipity

The Labor Policies of the Former Soviet Union
This paper discusses the labor policies of the former Soviet Union, which contributed to the downfall of the Soviet Union.
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This paper explains that the downfall of the Soviet Union was, in part, due to the labor policies such as the promise of work, the compulsory labor policies and the promise of equal pay to many people regardless of their work. The author points out these labor policies created an apathetic attitude about productivity and success that led to an inability to stir the nation into growth, which was the cause of the ultimate downfall of the Soviet Union. The paper contends that, as the nation rebuilds, it is important that it allows a policy of free market competitiveness.

From the Paper:

"The Red Army of Workers simulated what Americans know as "Unions". The difference was that the Red Army of Workers was actually controlled by the government and given freedoms that the government felt were allowable. This again wiped out any hope for motivation or drive and those who belonged simply went through the paces. The government allowed the workers to be given the right to participate in the government structure and to practice religion but later years removed such rights. The laboring masses were then nothing but workhorses who went each day, performed their duties, and did not have anything to wish for or hope for."

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