The Impact of the Internet on Society Essay by writingsensation

The Impact of the Internet on Society
This paper examines how the internet and advancing technology has impacted on our daily life, both negatively and positively.
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This well-researched paper examines the pros and cons of our growing reliance on the internet in a variety of areas, including journalism, education, business and communication. One of the most positive and least contested views is related to the importance of the internet in education. This paper examines how the internet provides a good basis for educational reform and the reduction of division and inequalities through ubiquitous networking. On the other hand, there are commentators who state that the internet is not equally available for all. This paper discusses the 'digital divide' which proves that many countries and areas within societies do not have the same access to technology as others. This paper discusses how modern businesses around the world have woken up to the advantages and possibilities of the internet, in areas such as online marketing and e-commerce. The writer of this paper contends and explains how the internet has negatively affected the field of journalism. This paper also delves into the societal aspect of the internet. Many advocates of the internet stress the positive aspects of technological change in a social context, while at the same time many critics point to the negative effects that the internet is having on society. For example, they refer to the increasing anonymity and depersonalization though communication via electronic media.

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Positive and Negative Effects

From the Paper:

"One of the central areas in which the Internet has already had a profound effect, is the world of journalism and politics. Prior to the growth of the Internet and the proliferation of communication and networking technologies such as Weblogs, all perceptions about society and politics were filtered through a process of editing and " censorship" by companies and corporations. In other words, the perceptions of the world and current events were largely determined by and dependent on the ethics and impartiality of newspaper and media editors. However, the status quo has been dramatically altered with the recent popularity and growth of the Internet. With the development of Internet technologies such as RSS, Weblogs and others, new modes of interactive news reportage have become a part of the ordinary life."

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