The History of Television Essay by donnysafag

The History of Television
Looks at the history of the television from its inception in 1872 to the digital television of today.
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This paper examines the main stages of the invention and development of the television set. It looks at how the birth of television was the result of several inventions from several different men and started back around 1872 during what is called the "Mechanical TV Era" when the first series of images were viewed in one continuous string using a stroboscopic disc. It follows its development through the world's first public demonstration of a mechanical television apparatus in 1926 and the advent of color television in the 1950's to the digital television of today and its convergence with computers.

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"In 1963 Instant replay is invented and introduced into televised sports, adding a new dimension when it's featured in a telecast of an Army-Navy football game. In 1964, it becomes a standard technique and goes on to become controversial in the NFL. FCC issues its first cable regulation: Operators are required to black out programming that comes in from distant markets and duplicates a local market station's own programming, if the local station demands it. There are about 1 million homes wired for cable in the U.S. at the time. In 1965 Color TV becomes an every day appearance as NBC leads the way and begins to use the phrase "The Full Color Network" By the end of the year, 96% of NBC shows are broadcast in color, along with all major programs, sports events, and specials. In 1968 TV manufacturers turn out 11.4 million new TV sets, up from 5.7 million TV sets that were made in 1960. "

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