The High Rate of College Dropouts Essay

The High Rate of College Dropouts
A review of the reasons behind the high rate of college dropouts.
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Published on Jul 23, 2014 in Education (Higher) , Education (General)

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"Many college freshmen are away from home the first time and not everyone is homesick. Usually there will be parties going on every night, especially for the first few weeks. Because of this, it may be very tempting to go and party all the time. There aren't any major exams or papers for the first couple of weeks, so one can get a false impression on the difficulties of college. Some students have the tendency to party all the time and enjoy the freedom that college brings without worrying too much about the academic aspect. This leads to poor performances in the classroom and in tests. The balance of a social life and academics is somewhat difficult for a college student. The problem is too much of one destroys the other. The natural choice, of course, is friends and pleasure. Drinking, staying up late, and blowing off classes to the point where the student is too far behind to make up for the slack can lead to expulsion and even a decision from the student themselves to discontinue college.
"For many, the financial burdens of college are too overwhelming, and many dropouts claim that a lack of money was the number one reason why they left school, according to ACT. Often students will plan the expenses for only the first year or the first semester, but they will not look ahead to how they're paying for the rest. To make ends meet, some students work a part-time job. But this can lead to problems as work can cut into study time and send grades plummeting. "Oftentimes, money is masking another problem" (Whitbourne). He then goes on to say that he "...speaks to several kids every year who claim to be leaving school because they can't afford it. But in truth they're having difficulties adjusting either socially or academically -- sometimes both--to college life." (Whitbourne). If money issues remain the primary reason for students dropping out of college, they need to remember that college graduates, on average, earn nearly twice as much per year as those with just a high school diploma. "The major factor relating to a student not completing a degree is financial. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with academic preparedness." It's almost a cliche that students with low income are the ones most inclined to drop out" (Dolan)."

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