The Failure of the League of Nations Essay by chief

The Failure of the League of Nations
Examines the reasons for the the failure of the League of Nations set up in Geneva in 1920.
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The League of Nations, which lasted from 1920 to 1946, was born out American outrage over the idea that Americans were sacrificing increasing numbers of men towards making the world safe for democracy while Europeans were concerned with potential war booty. This paper traces the beginnings of the League with Woodrow Wilson's "Fourteen Points", his intentional exclusion of Russia and Germany from the League and the part the League played in causing the Second World War.

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"Americans distrusted foreign alliances after the revelation of the secret treaties and subsequent revelations that most of the horror stories of German atrocities that encouraging America's entry into the war had been fabricated in London. (Brinkley, p. 358.) Whether or not America's participation in the League of Nations could have prevented World War II is a matter of speculation, but Wilson predicted the possibility as he fruitlessly campaigned for his cause. The complex issues leading to World War II were based in the harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles that included reparations of $32 billion. The forces in Germany that had pursued policies of world domination before 1914 remained powerful and expectant; the German right denied there had been any Allied victory."

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