The Ethics of Welfare Essay by Master Researcher

The Ethics of Welfare
An ethical discussion regarding the government's responsibility to provide for the welfare of those citizens who cannot provide for themselves.
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One of the greatest social debates over the past several decades has centered on the government providing welfare or government assistance to those who cannot fully take care of themselves. With the number of those who are poor ever growing, those who have no means of gainful employment, no way to provide themselves or their families with things needed for survival, such as shelter, clothing, or sustenance. While the hard numbers of welfare can be discussed and analyzed all day this issue mostly comes down to being one of ethics. Using the ethical theories of the classic philosophers, arguments can be made that are both for and against government-based welfare programs. This paper argues that by applying Aristotle's ethics, we can determine that welfare is not an ethical way to combat poverty, as it does not nurture the poor to develop ethical behaviors.

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