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The Don't Do Drugs Trust
This paper describes the Don't Do Drugs program designed for the Maori youth population in Marewa City, New Zealand.
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This paper explains that there is an extremely high incidence of addiction not only to cannabis but also to cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, abuse of other substances, gambling and even to food resulting in significant obesity among the Maori youth population in Marewa City, New Zealand. The author points out that the Don't Do Drugs Trust believes that getting kids off drugs should not be the only end result of a program, but rather life skills and introduction to life's rewards should be integral to the program before, during and post-drug use including an innovative way to reach those who relapse. The paper relates in detail the program whose key constituencies are the Maori youth population itself, non-Maori youth, the representative governmental agencies, the local business community, the philanthropic community and the public at large: The program strives to begin to remove the stigma of dependency the public associates with today's Maori lifestyle and replace it with pride that extends beyond the boundaries of Maori culture.

Table of Contents
The Plan's Components
Key Constituencies
Outcome Objectives
Schools Program
After School Program
Philanthropic Community
Job and Business Creation
Constituency Objectives
Maori Youth
Non-Maori Youth
Governmental Agencies and School Leadership
Business Community
Philanthropic Community
General Public
Output Objectives
After School Programs
Businesses and Financial Institutions
Key Messages
Maori Youth: Do Life!
Non-Maori Youth: Share life.
Governmental Agencies/School Leadership: Give a kid a life!
Business Community/Financial Institutions: Teach a kid how to earn a great life!
Philanthropic Community: Life as we know it....
General Public: Life matters.
Strategies and Tactics
Maori Youth: Do Life!
Non-Maori Youth
Governmental Agencies/School Leadership
Business Community/Financial Institutions
Philanthropic Community
General Public

From the Paper:

"There is more than sufficient evidence to suggest that a bold and far-reaching program is needed to arrest the downward slide of the Maori youth population in Marewa City. Our recent survey of drug-prone central street city kids revealed that they were seeking "alternative occupations" to fill the time when they were no longer spending their days making deals and were busy "getting a life" instead. There is also evidence, however, that cannabis, in particular, is not alone in destroying the Maori youth; "social and spiritual poverty is. That's the unanimous message form Maori social, health and youth workers who argue cannabis abuse is just one indicator of a much more profound problem." "

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