The Development of Social Attitudes Essay by capital writers

The Development of Social Attitudes
Examines how societal changes and attitudes are reflected in the literature from the Restoration, Romantic and Victorian Period.
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The Restoration Period (1660), Romantic Period (1786-1837) and the Victorian period (1837-1901) are characterized by distinctive styles which are reflected in the art, architecture and literature of the period. This paper examines literature from these periods to explain the manners, customs and driving forces behind the society of that time and to capture the essence of the society. The paper also highlights the most important changes that took place during the time periods.

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"The Victorian Era represents a return to order and materialism. Although there was a return to the principles of organized religion, there was also a movement that sought to critically examine the contents of the Bible. Here is a primary conflict between a desire to return to order and the need to be scientific in this approach. The works of Thomas Carlyle reflected the desire to return to a more ordered classic era and he wrote his works in the style of the epic poems of the classic Greek and Roman periods. The Victorian era represents a desire to return to a more elegant time in every aspect of life from the literary style to the furnishings of the house. It also reflected a decadence and desire to show off the newfound wealth of the era. Carlyle's works were religious satires and were often called heresy by some. However, it would seem as if Carlyle felt that these critics did not truly understand the depth of his work and he continued to write in this style."

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