The Creators of Psychotherapy Essay

The Creators of Psychotherapy
This paper discusses the work of the three major creators of psychotherapy: Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Erik Erikson.
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Published on Apr 04, 2006 in Psychology (Freud) , Psychology (Jung) , Psychology (Theory)

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This paper explains that Sigmund Freud, considered to be the seminal figure in the creation of psychotherapy through his technique of psychoanalysis, pioneered the underlying theoretical perspective of the id, the ego and the superego, which are still applicable today; however, many more contemporary psychologists discredit his theories as a sort of self-focused sexual mayhem plagued in a latent way by the romanticism of his era. The author points out that Carl Jung shares many of his underlying concepts with Freud's basic philosophies; however, Jung was more spiritual in his pursuit of meaning than Freud, who detested religion and saw it as a unproven illusion. The paper relates that Erik Erickson, also a follower of many Freudian principles, established his own psychotherapeutic theories of social development that, during childhood, after establishing a sense of self-regulation, individuals must begin a process of struggle and change, which continues throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Table of Contents
Early Work of Freud and Jung
Early work of Erickson

From the Paper:

"The individuation process was also seen by Jung to be potentially induced by trying to make a connection in the individual between their conscious and unconscious self/selves, through analysis and deliberate action. Jung favored this form of coaxing out the individuation process in an analytical setting. Obviously, this process does not occur
during early childhood, and is seen by most to have its roots in the second half of an individual's adult life. "Perhaps Jung's most original contribution is that of the collective unconscious and archetypal patterns and images that arise from it. " Jung was also somewhat strict about the individuation process being facilitated only by his own methods and descriptions and was distrustful of other methods such as yoga or other eastern paradigms of awareness and enlightenment as being legitimate."

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