The Catholic Church during the European Renaissance Essay by serendipity

This paper discusses the corruption of the Catholic Church during the European Renaissance, which led to the religious thought of Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Erasmus.
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This paper explains that, not only was the Catholic Church abusively indulgent, but also Church laws, such as the vows of abstinence and poverty, were openly flouted. The author points out that, during this time, there was a huge rebirth in the concept of the individual known as Humanism, which was incredibly threatening to the Catholic Church. The paper relates that, in 1519, Martin Luther, unhappy with the hypocrisies and disregard he saw in the Catholic Church, nailed his 95 theses on the wall of Castle Church in Wittenberg, thus founding the religious movement known as Protestantism, which was just one part of the revolution in thinking taking place during the Enlightenment.

From the Paper:

"In 1500, corruption and hypocrisy in the Catholic Church were rampant. For example, indulgences were used as means of coercion and manipulation rather than for the original purposes, they were intended. An indulgence is the full or partial remission before God of temporal punishment for sins that have been forgiven. According to Encarta, ?It is granted by ecclesiastical authority and is considered to be a special form of intercession made by the whole church through its liturgy and prayers for the reconciliation of one of its members, living or dead.? In simpler words, it can be thought of as not only having one's sins pardoned, but having them wiped totally clean from one's record as well. It would be like not only having a speeding ticket dismissed, but also then having all knowledge of that ticket's existence being removed from any and all records pertaining to the driver in question."

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