The Catholic Church and Women's Rights Essay by writingsensation

The Catholic Church and Women's Rights
Examines the history and position of women's rights within the Catholic Church.
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This paper introduces and discusses the Catholic Church. Specifically it discusses the Catholic Church's injustice towards women and women's rights, including domestic violence, women priests, and other matters relevant to women but ignored by the Catholic Church. The paper shows that for centuries, the Catholic Church has been one of the most powerful, wealthiest, and most popular religions in the world. Millions of Catholics worship every week in a church, and donate billions of dollars for Church projects, and millions of these worshippers are women, who are essentially excluded from the Church except for certain roles. In addition, many of these worshipping women live in some of the poorest countries on Earth, facing famine, overpopulation, and lack of education, and yet the Catholic Church will not condone their use of birth control. The paper questions why the Catholic Church is so staunch in its stance against women and women's rights.

From the Paper:

"Since the Church excludes women from the clergy, there is a sense of extreme maleness and masculinity throughout the Church, from alter boys on up, and it is not surprising that normal, healthy men, even if they are priests, are sexually stimulated. To ignore this is to ignore the problem, and keeping priests celibate seems to simply exacerbate an already difficult situation. When there are predominately men in an organization, where will men turn to fulfill their urges if no one else is available? Since men are not perfect, they have flaws, and if given the opportunity, they may sin. Not recognizing the strain that celibacy puts on priests is simply another doctrine of the Church that is outmoded."

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