The Bus Trip and the Merry Pranksters Essay by Peerless

The Bus Trip and the Merry Pranksters
A report of the introduction of LSD in the 1960's via the music scene and the effects on society.
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This paper reviews the involvement of the musician Ken Kesey and his group, the Merry Pranksters in the encouragement of taking LSD. In the beginning they were committed and dedicated to getting everyone familiar with the hallucinogenic drug, LSD. The paper describes how they bought a bus and toured around to distribute the drugs and allow society to have this experience. Their dedication to spreading the word was the reason why all the music bands, the progression in the music concerts and the major music festival was a possibility. However, before his death, Kesey was discouraging everyone from the use of psychedelic drugs.
How LSD came to be widely used in the 60?s
Acid test
West coast music scene and its relation to LSD
The Grateful Dead
Grateful Dead's relation to Kesey and the Pranksters

From the Paper:

"The psychedelic phase kicked off with the popularity of bands springing up constantly. The bands had no ambitions to do concerts or make and sell records; they were merely playing for their own enjoyment. Success to them was not making the top ten charts or any charts, or fame or fortune. Success to them meant having fun and making enough money to purchase psychedelic drugs."

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