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The Big Bang
An explanation of the big bang theory - how our earth was formed.
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Published on Jun 19, 2006 in Geology and Geophysics (Earth) , Physics (Matter and Energy)

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The paper shows the scientific progression of the creation of earth from tiny particles through to the earth we know today. The paper explains that, once enough atoms gathered together, stars were formed. The writer explains that our earth was the result of the explosion of a star which was too small to sustain the thermo nuclear reactions, so it eventually cooled and became a solid mass. The paper describes two theories of how DNA was created. The writer concludes that the seeds of life, containing DNA, from which all living creatures on earth grew, came from outer space.

From the Paper:

"How life originated is one of the most debated and most sought after question. Life as we know it requires water and, until one billion years ago, the earth was too hot to sustain liquid water, so we know that life on Earth must have formed within the last one billion years. There is evidence that shows that the oldest life we can detect occurred 500 million years ago. "We now understand that all life on Earth contains DNA, which is a long complex carbon-based strand consisting of billions of molecules. Every plant and animal on Earth has DNA. This DNA contains the instructions of how to grow and replicate itself, thereby creating more life. A single strand of DNA is unbelievably complicated, even in the smallest organisms. How is it possible that such a complicated thing was created in the short span of only one billion years? "According to the "Big Bang" theory, who maintain the belief that life on Earth was created in some primordial soup. Somehow a soup formed consisting of water, carbon and other elements and by chance eventually some of these elements came together in a form, which reproduced itself. The key feature of life it is that is able to create a duplicate of itself. The problem that scientists have faced with this theory is that they have never been able to replicate this primordial soup."

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