The 1917 Russian Revolution Essay by chief

The 1917 Russian Revolution
This paper discusses the fundamentals of the 1917 Russian Revolution.
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This paper explains the reasons for the 1917 Russian Revolution, which had its roots much earlier in the beginning days of the 19th Century. The author describes the revolution by starting with the love the peasants had for the Tzar and concluding with the adoption of the Western ideas of Karl Marx. The author believes that Russia faces the same struggles today: To sacrifice their identity for Western's ideas of prosperity or to retain their uniqueness by going their own separate way.

From the Paper:

"No one could have predicted the events that led to the revolution. The affair was twisted, with each episode mounting into a feverish climax that would change world history. Yet, to the observant eye, telltale signs of discontentment hung in the air. No one event brought down a government that had ruled for so many years. The crisis began many years before, with its roots deep into the nineteenth century. The storm clouds gathered very slowly, as a front of despondency blew in from the west. It chilled the people to the notion of contentment and forced them to seek shelter under Marx's beliefs. The Tzar and his government brought the cloudburst upon themselves, as their policies added fuel to its furry. So why did the humble people of Russia throw themselves into revolution?"

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