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TCP/IP Protocol Suite
A brief overview of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite.
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TCP/IP is the acronym for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which was originally established by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1993 to connect defense department computers with other computer networks.This paper shows that while for the average computer user, TCP/IP probably doesn't mean a whole lot, except maybe when it comes to "configuring" their computer so they can get online, without the TCP/IP protocol, the activity experienced on the internet up until this point would not be possible. This paper examines some of the components of the TCP/IP protocol and explores their uses as they apply to relevant parts of the internet.

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"TCP and IP actually represent a family of many protocols, with TCP/IP being the common term used when speaking of any one of those protocols. For instance, different protocols allow computers to do different things such as transferring files or sending or receiving mail. One of the most important services of TCP/IP is the ability to transfer files, commonly referred to as FTP, which allows a user on one computer to get files or a part of a file from another computer. Another popular service TCP/IP allows is the remote log on, which allows a user to access to a network system from a computer at a remote location. Probably the most popular, or at least one of the most common, uses provided by TCP/IP is electronic mail. Other services TCP/IP offers are data formatting, encryption, and the transmission of binary data over a communications network."

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