Superstar Sports Salaries Essay by Master Researcher

Superstar Sports Salaries
A discussion on the inflated salaries of NHL players.
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Published on Dec 01, 2005 in Business (Industries) , Business (Marketing) , Sport (Players) , Sociology (Media and Society)

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The following paper examines the outrageous sums of money commanded by NHL players. To elaborate upon this point, the paper looks at the cost of NHL salaries vis-a-vis ordinary working-class families or skilled professionals. The paper also highlights the cost of a small family attending one game. As soon become evident, hockey players are not paid because of their value to society, but because there are so few of them to go around.

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"Over the last three decades, professional sports have become big business - in some cases, multi-billion dollar business. Perhaps nowhere is this development more pronounced than in pro hockey, where salaries have climbed from the level of dentists and doctors to the level of corporate CEOs and Wall Street power-brokers. The following paper will examine hockey salaries and determine whether hockey players - like most entertainers - are entirely deserving of their massive salaries, or whether they are over-paid and over-praised (as many fans and non-fans argue). In any event, what should emerge from the following discussion is that the law of supply-and-demand, more so than any law of social utility, informs the rationale for the massive pay-outs to big-league hockey players."

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