Substance Abuse Essay by numero uno

Substance Abuse
An examination of various "myths" surrounding substance abuse.
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The issue of substance abuse, and the many discussions and controversies that it has provoked in recent years, has become surrounded by a great deal of myth, ignorance and lack of objective understanding which, in turn, creates obstacles for those who are attempting to deal with the issue's causes and effects. This paper looks at the problem of substance abuse, and its social effects. It also shows how the problem seems destined to continue for some time to come and how the priority should be on providing extensive education. This paper offers objective explanations on many of the crucial issues which surround the issue of substance abuse, such as its effects, causes, and prevention.

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""People have always used chemical agents to alter their mood, their energy level, their perception of the world around them. According to Coffee Universe, every year 400 billion cups of coffee give their drinkers' nervous systems a jolt with caffeine, a potent nervous stimulant. American University's trade and environment database reports that, while the practice of coca-leaf chewing is decreasing, about two-million rural Peruvians still chew the leaves from which cocaine and "crack" are derived. The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that About 62 million Americans are current cigarette smokers, making nicotine, "one of the most heavily used addictive drugs in the United States", and surgical patients routinely receive intravenous morphine, an opiate medication which is chemically almost identical to heroin" (Bluse, 2001)."

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