Strategic Planning Essay by Rakesh Calton

Strategic Planning
An examination of the strategic plan and how it benefits an organization.
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This paper examines the need for strategic planning within a company and how a strategic plan can benefit a company. It explains how a strategic plan clarifies a company's short-term goals and the tactics that will be used to achieve them. The writer further explains how a mission statement is an integral part of any strategic plan, as it is a concrete description of what the company is trying to do within its marketplace. The writer also discusses a company's primary strategic planning tool - the SWOT analysis, and explains that by going through a SWOT analysis the company may identify possible strengths and weaknesses. The writer concludes that managers play the most vital role in implementing a successful strategic plan by constantly evaluating the company's attitude towards its customers

From the Paper:

"A business without a plan has no future, and so all the other functions will be redundant. A strategic plan is necessary for a company to succeed because, without it, the business is likely to meander from decision to decision without any sense of priorities or goals as to where it is going. An analogy would be that a company without a strategic plan is without an explorer without a map: the explorer may get somewhere interesting, but it will be an accident. With a map the likelihood of finding his way, and perhaps of discovering new places of interest increases. Similarly, a company without a strategic plan may become accidentally successful, but it much more likely to achieve success, and to maintain its profitability, if it has a plan in place. A company with a strategic plan will know how it has got to current success and thus may be able to continue on this path in the future."

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