Stalingrad: The Turning Point Essay by AVP

Stalingrad: The Turning Point
An overview of the historical events surrounding the Battle of Stalingrad between the Russians and Germans.
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This paper details the historical events of the World War II Battle of Stalingrad, fought between the Russians and Germans. The Battle of Stalingrad was an influential battle which allowed the allied nations of the world to regroup. Without this defeat, the German army would have been able to continue aggressively pushing both east and west for quite some time. The paper shows that thanks to the valiant efforts of the Russians defending their homeland, the German army was held at bay long enough for the United States and other Allied nations to send enough support to truly defend the Western front.

From the Paper:

"After attacking the Russians in the summer of 1941, the Germans found themselves up against a tougher enemy then expected. They were forced to pursue the Soviet people deeper into the interior of the Russia. The winter of 1941-1942 proved to be a very long, cold, and difficult one for the Germans, offering very little hope for a successful campaign so far from home. As the spring of 1942 began, the Germans developed a new battle plan to ensure they would not meet anymore setbacks. This new aggressive offensive, known as Operation Blau was ordered on April 15th 1942, by Hitler himself in Fuehrer directive no. 41, which outlined a detailed 4 phase plan for brining the country of Russia to its knees (Seaton, 256)."

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