Slavery, the Civil War and the Preservation of the Union Essay by RightRiters

Slavery, the Civil War and the Preservation of the Union
This paper examines the enormous part the issue of slavery played in the American Civil War.
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This paper looks at the slave communities which were formed throughout the American South from the time that slaves were brought from Africa in the seventeenth century. It describes the role religion played in keeping these communities together and the belief and values it instilled in the slaves who were otherwise considered property. The paper traces the politicization of slavery from the time 1818 when Missouri applied to join the American Union until the outbreak of the Civil War. It shows that above all, Abraham Lincoln was more concerned with the preservation of the Union than the abolition of slavery and after the Civil War, his efforts were directed in joining the States into a Union once more.

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"However, the more important issue was what slavery meant, whether it was in sync with the ideals set forth in the nation's Constitution. The secessionists were perhaps partially right in stating that the United States was a voluntary union of states, but that initial agreement was a contract where states declared that they agreed on a common set of principles and ideals in exchange for being a part of the larger union and the protections and benefits that membership provides. When the United States was originally formed, the individual states agreed on a common Constitution that stated all men to be equal. While slavery had already been established, more and more Americans grew to believe that it was in direct contradiction with the ideals upon which the nation was founded and that initial agreement among states provided for such redefinition and growth through the ability to amend and change the Constitution itself."

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