"Sinuhe the Egyptian" Essay by Champ

"Sinuhe the Egyptian"
This paper examines the story of "Sinuhe the Egyptian", as a work of ancient Egyptian literature.
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In this paper, the writer maintains that to read "Sinuhe the Egyptian" as solely a piece of political propaganda would significantly underestimate the narrative qualities of the tale and the maturity of ancient Egyptian literature. The writer notes that Miroslav Barta, an Egyptologist, claims that the text serves primarily as political propaganda, idealizing Egyptian society and especially its monarchy. The writer maintains that the lengthy poetic interlude at the point in the story at which Sinuhe meets the Syrian King for the first time does suggest an idealistic attitude toward the Egyptian theocracy. However, the writer notes that other scholars point out that Sinuhe demonstrates literary prowess; its ending comes as a surprise but only when read within a modern framework and corresponding biases. The writer concludes that rather than being propaganda, "Sinuhe the Egyptian" is more clearly an epic literary journey.

From the Paper:

"In the first case, Sinuhe naturally waxes poetic about the ruler from whom he fled; he never once suggests that he doubts the divinity of the pharaoh's office. His fear of civil strife stems not from a disregard for the court but from personal cowardice (Lorton). Furthermore, he praises the new king so as to not appear weak and pitiable in the eyes of the Syrian King who discovered him. His positive attitude engenders favor, causing the Syrian King to trust him immediately and give him his daughter's hand in marriage as well as scores of wealth and land. If the Syrian King suspected that Sinuhe were a disloyal subject it is unlikely he would have offered such kind service."

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