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Discussion of the concept of Shamanism in contemporary times.
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Discussion of the concept of Shamanism in contemporary times. Definitions. Beliefs and pracitces. Rituals. Mass hypnosis. Meditation. Psychotropic herbs. An alternate reality. Carlos Castaneda's book "A SEPARATE REALITY." Shamanism and the healing process as alternative medicine. Importance of specific rituals and their repetitive behaviors to produce altered states of consciousness.

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"Until recently, Western medical tradition had developed a limited vision of what was proper medical practice. This vision has so influenced the perception the public has had of other healing traditions that this alternative version of healing has often been portrayed as superstitious at best and “satanic” at worst. During the latter part of the 20th century, however, many people seeking alternative routes to be healed or to become healers have turned to the “medicine man”, or shamanism, as a viable option. This paper will explore the concept of Shamanism as it is understood and sometimes practiced today.

The term “shamanism” turns up many definitions. Some who have studied shamanism believe it to be the practice of mass hypnosis induced by the rituals of an accepted psychopomp in a certain tribe or group of people (McClenon, 1997). Others ..."

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