Sendero Luminoso Essay by Peter Pen

Sendero Luminoso
An overview of Sendero Luminoso, a revolutionary group in Peru.
# 65342 | 1,750 words | 9 sources | APA | 2006

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This paper describes the beginnings, leadership, political philosophy, activities and current status of the militant, revolutionary group, Sendero Luminoso, from Peru. The paper also explains why the group was not able to achieve the position of power that it had hoped to achieve and what the future might hold for this group in terms of political influence.

Government Activities
Current Trends

From the Paper:

"Within any competent study of Peru, it is imperative to look at the militant Maoist revolutionary group Sendero Luminoso (the Shining Path) and at its influence on Peruvian politics and life. The Shining Path's ideology places violence at the center of its stated goal to destroy the existing Peruvian government and impose its own communist regimes.2 The group engages in extremely violent forms of terrorism, including the indiscriminate use of bombs and terrorist attacks in the capital."

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