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Security Dilemma
An explanation of the concept of a security dilemma using examples from World War One.
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This paper presents the concept known as the security dilemma whereby an increase in one state's security produces a decrease in the security of other states. An example of this is seen in the situation which developed in the lead up to the first world war. The writer uses Robert Jervis and his work "Offense, Defense, and the Security Dilemma" as a reference point for many of the issues raised here. The writer also makes use of James Joll's "The Origins of the First World War" when referencing World War One as an example of the security dilemma.

From the Paper:

"The reason for the effect of the security dilemma is easily seen--when one state increases its security to a certain point, its neighbors feel less secure if they perceive the protective forces of the first state to be capable of attacking them. A more secure state is perceived to be a potentially more aggressive state, whether this is the case or not. The Cold War arms race was based in part on the security dilemma. Each side kept increasing its armaments because the other side was doing so, and any increase in the security of the other side meant a decrease in our own security."

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