Religion and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Essay by John

Religion and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A summary of Judaism, Islam and Christianity, their connection with the Holy Land and the way they tie in with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
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The paper introduces the 3 major religions - Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It shows their historical ties to the Holy Land and the significance of these religions to Palestine and Israel. The paper then gives an overview of the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and surmises that the conflict is not a religious one, rather it is a struggle over land.

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"Moreover, to date, these conditions have further deteriorated in that area. The 11 September attacks were carried out by Arabs lead by Osama Bin Laden based in Afghanistan who expressed solidarity with the Palestinian cause for the first time. This also brought into world focus the South Asian region, US attacks in Afghanistan have further highlighted the second most dangerous flashpoint in the world that is between India and Pakistan.
The Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the south Asian situation can further get out of hand if both sides do not act rationally. Evicting one from the area will not solve the problem instead; it will further worsen the situation. Bilateral talks keeping in mind the proposals of both the sides. US can act as the mediator as it is world's only super power and in spite of all the failures of the recent past can broker a deal between all the concerned parties."

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