Raising capital in America Essay by ChristopherK

Raising capital in America
The paper examines means available to foreign companies to raise capital within the United States in order to expand their operations in that country before expanding globally.
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The author of the paper contends that, for any company seeking to expand globally, it is paramount that they expand firstly into the United States market. According to the paper, the regulations concerning stock issues and other means of raising capital in the United States are very tough and strictly enforced. However, the paper suggests that the benefits of going through the trouble and great amount of work involved largely outweigh the disadvantages. The paper examines ways in which foreign companies can legitimately raise capital in the United States to facilitate their expansion program.

From the Paper:

"United States companies do not have problems listing on an American exchange because they are required to adhere to the stringent accounting standards that are demanded of companies in America. However, it can be advantageous to find funds in other countries, especially if those countries are developed. In addition, if these companies have industries located in these countries it can be beneficial. People are more likely to show in a place where they can invest. It makes that company seem more like a company from their own country. A disadvantage, like all business deals made in another country, is going to be the exchange rate, political climate, and the amount of inflation that the company is experiencing. If the company is based in America, it reports earnings in American currency. A poor exchange rate coupled with a high inflation rate in that country is bad for a company from America. This adversely weighs on the companies overall profits and can be harmful if there is a loss due to these factors. The benefits definitely are greater for a company to try to raise capital in anther country due to the expansion possibilities and new source of capital."

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