Power Line Networking Essay by TyAdem

Power Line Networking
This paper discusses power line networking, a method of networking computers using electrical wiring rather than phone jacks or other mediums.
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This paper explains that power line networking has many advantages but a main advantage is that it does not require the use of any additional wiring; just plug the computers and devices into a power outlet and the network is formed, essentially turning your power outlets into network ports and providing instant networking. The author points out that the technology has been around since the 1950s but has been on the fringes because of lack of interoperability, low quality of service and other problems; however, now, with definite standards and specifications being applied and price cuts, the technology is gaining ground. The paper relates that, in the future, this technology will be used in every "smart home", which uses computers to run everyday devices like microwaves, washing machines and watering system that can be started remotely by using a cell phone or PDA.

Table of Contents
Description of Power line Networking
Interlogis - Passport Network - How It Works.
Intellon - Powerpacket Network - How It Works.
Future Trends
Companies Involved in the Field
Regulatory Issues Surrounding the Field
Global Implications

From the Paper:

"Powerline technologies are already in use globally. Issues such as power voltages in different countries (110V / 220 V) come into play at this level. PowerPacket technology works independent of voltage and current frequencies so it is usable almost anywhere, passport on the other had is mostly useful in the U.S for now or countries using 110V. Also many countries with higher voltages use the three pin plug instead in the 2 pin plug used in the US so these lead to differences in powerline devices for different countries."

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