Post-Soviet Era Essay by writingsensation

Post-Soviet Era
This paper analyzes the social, cultural, economical and political problems that arose in Russia, after the fall of the Soviet Union.
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The writer of this paper contends and proves that the fall of the Soviet Union did not solve the pre-existing economical and political problems of the U.S.S.R. This paper examines how different moral and cultural values, compared to those of other western countries, contributed to Russia's downfall, in the Post-Soviet era. The writer discusses the fact that former Soviet Union countries are currently rife with poverty, poor social infrastructure and corruption. While democracy reigns in Russia at present, this paper delves into the current situation of former republics of the U.S.S.R., which are considered to be on par with third-world countries. This paper focuses on the growth of nationalism and religious extremism, which has become prevalent in Russia, in recent years. This paper also examines the lack of democratic institutions, along with no experience of actual democracy, which has resulted in a shift towards totalitarianism, in many post-Soviet republics.

From the Paper:

"Foreigners who visit former Soviet Union countries are often shocked by existing poverty, poor social infrastructure and corruption which erodes society from inside. It may be explained taking into consideration different historical factors: Soviet Union was based on strict dictatorship, where the interests of individual were not taken into consideration. Individual got basic facilities for living: in 1930's it was a great progress as USSR turned into a quickly developing industrial economy from a conservative and outdated agricultural one. Formal equality of all citizens created favorable conditions for unavoidable corruptions which made citizens to exploit their positions illegally in order to improve the living. There is an ethical explanation too: several generations of Soviet people didn't know what religion and morality are, as the official religion of the USSR was atheism."

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