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This paper discusses why Pluto is no longer considered a planet.
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In this article, the writer discusses that in the not so distant past, schoolchildren all over the world learned that the planet farthest away from the sun in our solar system was Pluto. The writer relates that they learned mnemonic devices to remember the names of all nine planets, made models and mobiles, all with Pluto orbiting at the very end of their dioramas. The writer then describes that in August 2006, after many years of intense debate, astronomers declared that Pluto was officially not a planet. The writer maintains that perhaps the real question about the usefulness of the new definition of planet will not revolve around Pluto, however dearly the old model may still be cherished in our culture, but how the definition is useful in classifying new solar systems. The writer also points out that the question of roundness and what is meant by clearing one's orbit and other points of contention will continue to generate lively debate within the scientific community and in schools, whatever Pluto's official status.

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